The Great Naseby Water Race Ulltramarathon New Zealand
Ultramarathon New Zealand 30 50 60 80 100 km
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Registration for the 200 mile at the Race Start in Wet Gully Rd, Thursday morning from 7:00 am

Registration for the 200 km at the Race Start in Wet Gully Rd, Friday Morning from 7:00 am

Registration for the 100 mile at the Race Start in Wet Gully Road, Friday Morning from 8:30 am.

Registration for 100 km /80 km /50 km & Teams are at the Naseby Town Hall between 6:00PM and 8.00:PM on Friday 27th August or come early and register at the start line on Saturday morning.( Check your start times below and give yourselves plenty of time)

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Town Hall


Those wanting to enter the 200 Mile or 200 km must have proven Ultra Experience. Please furnish details of your Race History, showing completion of a 100 mile race in the previous 18 months, or a really good reason why we should let you enter. This will be uncharted territory for some of you, and we will view you all individually.

Barriers go up at Wet Gully Rd/Hoffmans Dam Rd Corner by 0745 Friday morning for Vehicle Access so get in before then PLEASE!!!

Race Format

The TrackThis unique ultramarathon event takes place near Naseby - the highest town in New Zealand at 2000ft. Naseby is 15km north-west by road from Ranfurly and 145km north-west (via Middlemarch) from Dunedin. It is held on the last Weekend of August each year.

The course is set around a 10km loop - the one half along a gravel road and the other half on a forest track beside the water race that gives the event its name. Originally the water race was built for gold mining around 1860 and now it helps supply the town of Naseby.

The Race starts in Wet Gully road about 1 km from the Ranfurly/Naseby road, with competitors running half a km back down this road toward the tarseal before turning right into Hoffmans Dam Rd, following that until you get to Coalpit Dam, then run around the left hand side of the Dam, thru the carpark, then left and right keeping the Forest on your left until reaching the Water Race, right turn and follow the Water Race back thru the forest to the figure 8 junction. Stay on the left of the traffic cones taking care for oncoming runners , sharp right then back up to the Water Race, then keep following it past the swimming dam,until you reach a bridge crossing the Water Race. Left over the bridge, another left at the Stone marker then a sharp right onto Translator Rd. Follow the gravel Rd up to Ramp Rd, left down there and then left again into Wet Gully Rd, a short jog and that is lap 1.

Do this:

      • 4 (four) more times for the 50 km
      • 7 (seven) more times for the 80 km
      • 9 (nine) more times for the 100 km
      • 15 (fifteen) more times for the 100 mile
      • 19 (nineteen ) more times for the 200 kms
      • 31 (thirty one) more times for the 200 mile
      • Teams , each runner does 3 laps continuosly.

Start Times: Race Briefing will be 20 minutes before start time.

200 mile-8:00 am Thursday 26th August

200 kms - 8:00 am Friday 27th August

100 mile - 10:00 Friday 27th August

100km - 05:00am Saturday 28th August

80km - 05:00am Saturday 28th August

50km - 10:00am Saturday 28th August

60 km Teams - 10:00 am Saturday 28th August

As it is dark until 7am and you start at 5am all 80 km & 100km runners must start with a headlight for the first two laps and you may need it for later ones. 200 milers,200 kms &100 milers will need headlamps from 6pm and all night that you are running ( till 7am ish).

It get's dark between 6pm and 7 pm so you may need more batterys for then if you are still going on your last lap. The Cold Eats Batteries, have spares!!!

Cut Off Times:

This applies to all runners. You must have commenced your last lap by 6pm as by this time it will be getting dark and cold and fatigue will be a factor. It won’t be nice!

Aid Stations:

  • Start/Finish line
  • After The Race:

    Prize Giving will be held at the Naseby Town Hall, on the corner of Leven & Council Streets and will commence at 8:30am Sunday morning. See you there!

    To help make your event more enjoyable please note the following:

    The Naseby Forest including the recreation area is privately owned by Ernslaw One Ltd. It is a privilege for the public to have the use of the recreation area, so please treat the tracks and facilities provided with respect. Be aware that there may be other track users on bikes or with dogs - so be courteous!

    Please don't litter, we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint so please try to use drink bottles.

    Aid Stations will be at the Start/Finish line with drinking water available. If you have other requirements these can be left at the Aid Stations.

    Toilets are available at the Start/Finish line.

    We are at the mercy of the weather so please equip yourself accordingly.

    Please ensure that you fix your number on your front - if the officials don't see it you will not be credited with the lap, they will be sitting on your left as you complete your lap.

    This is an Ultra event so if you have done a marathon before this is within your capabilities.You just have to want it.

    Retain your sense of humour, you paid to do this, don't be crabby with Officals, Aid Station people, or your own support crews, we are here to help you.